I am Généreux Akotenou.

I am a junior freelance web and AI developer with over 2 year of experiences. My daily goal is to sleep less stupid than I woke up.

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“My name is Généreux Akotenou and I am a junior freelance web and AI developer. I am an accomplished coder and programmer, and I love using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advancements that occur every day. I had my baccalaureate in 2019. And I am in my third year for my license in software engineering at IFRI. During my studies, I contributed to the creation of a competition platform in artificial intelligence, MAIC2021. Also I have coded the tictactoe games with various difficulty levels for an AI embedded in the games. Do not hesitate to consult my CV or my projects to find out more.


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Technologies that I use.

Web development

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Game development

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Desktop & mobile

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Artificial intelligence

Loading python jupiter note book anaconda tensorflow matplotlib

Internet of Things

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Kind word

Some nice things smart people I’ve worked with have to say about me.

  • “Généreux is hands down the best colleague and friend I have worked with. He puts an insane amount of passion and energy into everything he does. From assembling teams to finalizing deliverables, he demonstrates precision, openness and promotes teamwork. There is nothing this great man cannot do.”

    Jeffrey Davakan
    developer & Student at IFRI.

  • “He is a very motivated young man. Throughout the development phase of the MAIC competition, he has brought his know-how to the benefit of the project. He is someone who enjoys teamwork, who is highly motivated and who follows these initiatives through. Working with him was a pleasure.”

    Eric ADJE
    MAIC2021 project coordinator