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Software Engineering (3rd year)
IFRI (Benin) Oct 2019 - Nowadays

Since Oct 2019 at today, I'm studying Computer Science in Software Engineering at Institute for Training and Research in Computer Science of Benin.

English Course Certificate (Pre- Intermediate Level)
TBC (Benin) Apr 2021

In Apr 2021, I got my second english training achievement testimonial at TBC AFRICA - USA training center.

2nd Scientific Bachelor Degree
Benin Jun 2020

In Jun 2020, I got my second Certificate of Scientific Bachelor Degree at Benin (type D).

English Course Certificate (Beginner I Level)
TBC (Benin) Oct 2019

In Oct 2019, I got my first english training achievement testimonial at TBC AFRICA - USA training center.

1rst Scientific Bachelor Degree
Benin Jun 2019

In Jun 2019, I got my first Certificate of Scientific Bachelor Degree at Benin (type C).

FirstCycle Certificate
Benin Jul 2016

In Jul 2016, I got my junior secondary school diploma at Benin.


Python scripting and Machine Learning
Freecodecamp & Sololearn 20 Sep Present

Since Sep 2021, I started to follow online certification training in python, ia, machine learning, deep learning and iot.

Benin Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (BWAI)
Abomey-Calavi University 22 Dec 2021 - 24 Dec 2021

Constraint programming, k-means algorithms, natural language processing methods, deep learning, machine learning, IoT, algorithmic bias in AI, and abnormal event detection processes were discussed.

MiFy Artificial Intelligence Context 2021
Calavi (Benin) Sep 2021 - Nov 2021

For this edition I was in the development team of the MAIC competition. I worked to implement the platform to load the ai. As well as the web side games to play the various ia online..

Unity Game Dev - Intern
Malaika Game jul 2021 - Oct 2021

I did a two-month academic internship in the GameDev department of Adounian Africa Lab company where I developed cash-master game in C# with Unity Editor.

MiFi Artificial Intelligence Context 2020
Online (Benin) Nov 2020

With my team "King", ascontestant we coded the AI ​​of the Seega games during this context and we were second for this game at the end of the competition.


School Achievements
IFRI (Benin) Jan 2019

- Implementation of FAQs based on JEE technology
- Seminar on XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL
- Seminar on ORACLE database - SQL Server with distributed database management
- Event programming workshop in JAVA
- Coordinator of GESTION the management project (IFRI, university school management application)


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French native

English fluent

Goun, Fon, Xlaw basic



Do-it-yourself, electronic

games, mangas

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